Spooky creepy

Paris, the catacombs, the bones of nine million people strewn under the city and then who can say what goes bump in the night. Tunnel of Bones, the second in Victoria Schwab’s Cassidy(Cass) Blake series is perhaps scarier than her first book, City of Ghosts (our review). With the poltergeist of a young boy haunting Paris after following Cass and her friend Jacob out of the catacombs, the haunting is as creepy as it can get.

Cass’s parents are in Paris filming another instalment of their television series on haunted cities and, naturally, ghosts abound. But somewhere, at least initially, the book starts to feel like an educational commentary on the history of Paris which becomes a little long winded. Cass’s parents continue to be oblivious of their daughter’s special skill which starts to seem a little unreal. There are the predictable references to French food thrown in – Cass seems to enjoy the pain au chocolat which gets mentioned a number of times.

For followers of the series there is a little bit of the back story of Jacob, Cass’s ghostly friend. The reader finds out what had happened to turn Jacob into a ghost. Cass and Jacob, with a little bit of help from Adele, a local girl and with Lara Chowdhury (from the earlier book) providing text support, manage to figure out the mystery of who the poltergeist is and how to send him on.

An easy read but also nicely creepy which the younger readers will likely devour. Since the series moves from city to city, we did wonder which haunted city will figure in the next book. We however read somewhere that a trip to New Orleans is planned. Should be haunted enough for Cass and Jacob.

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