The Paranoid Few

The world, in 2017 is rolling on its usual course around the sun, looking pretty as a picture for the astronauts on the ISS, everything is hunky dory and God is in his heaven etc. (possibly talking to the Pope since everyone is on the phone these days). Global warming is of course a myth. The world is not warming up despite the fact that we have had an unusually warm summer last year and a non-existent winter. But that’s just a one off and let’s shove under the carpet the fact the last three years have been the warmest in history. Nothing to do with us and it’s not the fault of anyone on earth. All those scientists, ecologist and environmentalists, basically the cuckoos, who claim otherwise are just that – cuckoos. They don’t know what they are talking about and do not have the qualifications or learning to know any better. Worse, they are possibly influenced by extraneous considerations or just plane paranoid.

img_20170109_082910-2So, the pink Poui (Tabebuia Rosea) which should be blooming in March has decided to freak out instead in January this year. That is not at all significant- maybe the tree just felt like it this year. Or maybe it’s trying to compete with the Bauhinia Variegata which bloomed in December instead of waiting till February (we learnt more about the tree from the blog Since the trees are turning rogue, they have to be dealt with accordingly. In any case the flowers make a mess of the streets and pavements, not to mention pollen pollution. Best that they are done away with completely. Chop the trees! Nicer to replace all such woody accompaniments with steel flyovers. That is the way to go.

However, we sadly fall under the cuckoo category and like the weather to be the way it was meant to be in Bangalore. Warm in summer, chilly in winter and never too hot. The rains were always around when needed. Gardens bloomed, so also trees, as per schedule. We still bemoan the loss of the sparrows and proliferation of steel, concrete and glass. The Arctic should be frozen and the Whales and Polar bears need to survive. The glaciers shouldn’t be turning into torrential rivers sweeping away the plains, raising sea level and drowning coasts and islands. It’s not a hoax, people. Please wake up. Consume less, pollute less, try to preserve and grow more trees. And please start to care. If anything, that is what 2017 should be about.


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