Catching Up

img_0053The world is changing and in somethings it changed a long, long time ago and we find ourselves wanting. So as it’s the beginning of the year we decided to take stock of the things that have overtaken us. We are not sure that any of them will become resolutions for the year but at least we will know where to look if we want inspiration for a resolution list.
It almost feels that life is now lived and experienced through photos. From what we eat, to what we read to where we have been, it only happened if it is recorded in a photo. The visual has become more important than the written word. A photo is now worth a thousand words. We are amazed at the beauty, creativity, style and effort taken over the photos posted on the net. We actually got round to creating a Mostly Mondays Litsy account but have not managed to post anything because we are too embarrassed by the basic nature of our photographs. The accompanying photo is our first attempt at doing something about this.
The other thing that is happening around us is that reading seems to be losing out to ‘watching’. We still lag behind in this. We would still rather read the book than watch the series or the movie (pay attention GRRM) and when we watch something we really like, we wonder – ‘Is this based on a book? How can we get hold of the book?’ (Expect for The Night Manager, which has been picturised beautifully, not to mention Tom Hiddleston acting in the main role. Plus, you have to admit John Le Carre can be tedious sometimes.)
Social media and living one’s life on it, are cause for consternation and bemusement as far as we are concerned. Except for blogging, which is not quite the same. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and their ilk leave us with an expression which can only be interpreted as “Eh?!” But we do blog. In our time, at our pace and not necessarily for effect. Blogging is a more peaceful activity and the people we follow have more to say than just one line.
The topic of ‘one lines’ leads us to the new language of abbreviated words and phrases, not to mention the hieroglyphics of little faces (which is again to do with the visual as the abbreviated words are probably insufficient to express true feeling). The substitution of words with acronyms has us really worried and reaching for an interpreter, especially when kids respond to questions with DKDC (Don’t know, don’t care – apparently). So, do we have to make more of an effort to learn this new language creeping up on us against our better judgement? Perhaps the idea is not to judge but go with the flow or GWTF :).
We also find that we are obsessed with hoarding information, even electronic information, which is apparently not done these days. We tend to treat it like we did physical information that had to be kept safely because it constituted memories. Which is why we find things like snap chat, that self-destruct, unnatural. Can you imagine something like that? What if one needs to refer to it in a few weeks? All information is critical – do not destroy! Ok, so we have to learn to let information go. Also stuff in cupboards. Note to selves – clean out cupboards.
Then there are things like diet and fitness fads which we have never really got the hang of. We still don’t quite understand what CrossFit is, even though it is all over the place. And calorie counting? Please! Hand over the Shortbread!


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