And the award goes to…

One of the joys of having a blog is that you get to be totally self-indulgent and as a treat to ourselves we have decided to end the year by giving away awards, to people (both real and fictional), books and for events that have entertained or upset us through the year. So, read on for the winners of the Mostly Mondays (Because We Can) Awards for the year 2016*

Procrastinator of the year – Patrick Rothfuss ( he of the Kingkiller Chronicles fame)

PS: We are still, after five years, waiting for The Doors of Stone, the third instalment of the King Killer Chronicles.

LL: And I am guessing that if by ‘popular demand’ we have an award ceremony again next year Patrick Rothfuss will be collecting this award again.

Most Dependable Author of the year – Jonathan Stroud

LL: We love the fact that we can trust Jonathan Stroud for our regular fix of Lockwood & Co, the series that celebrates friendship, tea and ghosts.

PS:  We also thought we should take this opportunity to let him know (and hope that word gets around to him) that since the next Lockwood book will be the last in the series he is prohibited from killing off any of the main characters.

LL: And if he chooses to ignore our suggestion he will never, ever again get any awards from us.

Most Redundant Author (as opposed to writer for TV series) of the year – George RR Martin (GRRM)

PS: With season 6 of the GoT (TV series)overtaking GRRM’s Song of Fire and Ice epic fantasy series (books) and with season 7 on schedule to roll out next year, people don’t seem to care about his books anymore, it’s all about GoT the series now.

LL: I am still waiting…

The Disappointer of the year – VE Schwab’s ‘A Gathering of Shadows’

LL: Seriously, I almost feel like saying – woe betide authors who take you on a wonderfully fantastical ride with the first book in a series, merely to leave you waiting for the train to leave the station in the second.

The Reappearance of the year – Harry Potter

PS: The boy wizard makes a reappearance and more money for his creator. This time around it is as the man wizard, in West End’s sold out stage play ‘The Cursed Child’ and its bestseller script.

The Biggest Regression of the year – the US election results

LL: Still waiting for women power…

The Biggest Googly of the year – Demonetisation

PS: And the unpredictability continues, as we are not sure if it is demonetisation or a national level game of Calvinball (making up the rules as you go along) that is being played out.

The Biggest Surprise of the year – Curtis Sittenfeld’s ‘Eligible’

LL: Given our scepticism of the Austen Project and the books that have come out of it we were surprised that we not only read it but also by how much we enjoyed it.

The Churner of the year (and every year) – Brandon Sanderson

PS: How does he do it? Brandon Sanderson is one of the most prolific authors in the complex world building, big fat satisfying, fantasy books genre.

And finally…

The Award for the Strangest Award of the year – the Nobel Prize for Literature to Bob Dylan


And thank you to WordPress and all those who take the time to read whatever we have to say. We have had an entertaining year blogging.


* Please note, that for environmental reasons, none of the Awardees will receive any certificate or plaque from Mostly Mondays, they are however welcome to read this post and share it with all their contacts, for their own publicity not ours.


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