An amusing week

We have been absent from the blogging space now for a few weeks because of one thing or another and became quite comfortable in that state. But last week there were two things that caused equal amounts of amusement and discomfort and we felt we had to say something.

The first one was the sudden demonetisation by the Indian Government of the Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes, late evening Tuesday. Overnight those who had truckloads of cash hidden in the garage, stuffed in mattresses, in basement vaults, bank lockers and wherever else people keep stuff like that, found themselves holding a lot of waste paper. Unless legally held and capable of deposit in their bank accounts, which is very unlikely, especially if the volume exceeded a loosely stuffed cushion, the notes, while no longer currency do still have some uses left as enumerated below.

  1. The most common and popular use is as peanut cones.
  2. Toilet paper is also a popular option among people surveyed on this topic.
  3. Bonfires of notes, which have been banned and yet have been lit across the country.
  4. For use in next year’s Diwali crackers, where money will literary disappear with a bang.
  5. For sale to raddhiwalas for paper recycling and being turned into little paper bags, since plastic bags are now banned in most places. Currently the rate being offered by the raddhiwala is very low but the forecast is that the market might improve.
  6. Sticking notes together and using it to line your drawers is a more colourful and creative option rather than using boring old newspaper. Particularly if the notes are new, then the ‘new note’ smell permeating your clothes could be very enriching and more enervating than lavender perhaps.
  7. You could also refer to Pinterest for craft ideas to reuse, recycle and upcycle these notes.

Please note, it’s still debateable whether depositing these notes in temple hundis is going to earn the depositor any godly favours or earn credits in their karma account.

Moving to the next topic, it has been observed that animals and birds become agitated before an earthquake and flee in the opposite direction before a tsunami. Service dogs are good at sniffing out cancer cells, fall in blood sugar levels and even heart conditions in their owners. So it has been clear for a while now that animals have an instinct for impending disaster. Which is probably why the monkey in China and fish in Chennai both correctly predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential elections in the US.

Over here in India it has been a cause for considerable amusement and jokes. Leaving aside the issues of misogyny, racism, protectionism and general all around bigotry, we can only hope that Trump finds a better hairstylist once he moves to the White House. Had Hillary Clinton won with her running mate Tim Kaine, there would have been an interesting Jeffery Archer connection. After all, one of his most popular characters is Florentyna Kane, who becomes the first woman president of the United States in ‘The Prodigal Daughter’ published in 1982. That is a ‘first’ which, in reality, the US still seems reluctant to reach.




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