Hypnotic and Addictive

Childhood years were great. The feel of crayons, the joy of a new box of colouring pencils. The birthdays when one was given a gorgeous big box of Staedlers which doubled up as water colours, couldn’t be better. And all those lovely colouring books, sometimes with big alphabets besides the pictures and little bunnies, clowns, puppies and kittens not to mention the princesses were so enticing. One spent hours (probably much to the relief of the Parents, who likely didn’t think the hours were long enough) frantically colouring in purple trees and orange oceans. There were no rules, you were pretty much the god of the paper in front of you and could give it any colour or hue without reference to reality

So someone brilliant decided that the sheer abandon of childhood colour cacophony needed to be recreated for stressed out adults. And what an idea it was, taking the world by storm. The adult colouring books are apparently flying off the shelves. Book stores are showing a jump in their sales as are stationary shops which are happily selling colouring paraphernalia not just to kids but also to eager adults with a disposable income. The books come in all shapes, sizes and themes. Varying from the pocketbooks for the quick dose during lunch hour at work to the extra-large ones which can be laid out on the dining table for a lengthy family experience. And lengthy it would be because once you get started it is very difficult to tear oneself away.

LL: The adult colouring books are distinguished by the amount of detail in the line drawings they offer.

PS: And they are really fiddly fussy details. You need really sharp pencils to colour them in.

LL: I am sure that leads you to your other joy, sharpening your pencils till the tips are just so.

PS: Yes, that definitely adds to the satisfaction of the experience. But it is more than that, there is something about the repetitive designs on the page and the repetitive action of colouring it in that gets you hooked. It is difficult to stop once you start on a design.

LL: Also, the choice of colours and mediums makes you feel in control without having to tax your brain as to the actual drawing.  And the feeling of achievement when you have completed an entire page that entitles you to take a picture of it and make it your profile picture, if you are so inclined!

PS: The filling in of endless flower petals and leaves sends one off to a different zone after a while. But they are not just flowers and gardens. I have seen superhero and Harry Potter colouring books for adults.

LL: I wonder if there is a Game of Thrones theme.

PS: Probably. With all the blood and gore, one would end up with a very short red pencil. But no matter what one’s taste, it is a fad which for once we are gladly following.

For those who haven’t started yet, we would definitely recommend you have a go. And for those who have joined the cult, please do share your experiences and pictures.


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