Bookish things to do in Bangalore-6

Urban Solace-Cafe for the Soul

There are cafes which build their reputation on food, cafes that build their reputation on their decor, their regular clientele or on their location. But Urban Solace is a place which aims to connect the customer with something more than his/her stomach or merely the visual.

A quaint place, close to Ulsoor Lake, one of the few lakes still left in the city, Urban Solace has decent food but also organises regular weekly events. There are the comedy nights and music nights but, more than anything else, the place has come to be known for its Tuesday Evenings with the Bard. Tuesdays tend to be rather bland, not quite the beginning of the week, but nowhere near the end either. So it is interesting that Urban Solace thought of providing their customers the option of adding vigour to their Tuesdays with poetry readings, discussions and meetings with poets.

image It is also a good place to have a late breakfast with a book and linger over the coffee. Normally, scribbling in a notebook in a public place either draws astonished glances or curious looks but in Urban Solace we were pleasantly surprised to find that the people at the table next to us were similarly occupied.

The additional charm for readers is the book club which meets every second Sunday.



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