Bookish things to do in Bangalore -4


Shrungar Complex is a sort of cul-de-sac just off the main pavement on M.G. Road. It’s one of those blink and you will miss it, dilapidated shopping places. The entrance is hardly discernible, flanked as it is by trinket and scarves shops. But ignore this place at your own peril as, amongst the other shops and eateries in this complex, there is also Bookworm, another amazing bookstore right in the centre of the city. The place is spilling over with books, books and more books. New, old, used, pre owned, whatever suits your style, is to be found here. Literally heaven on earth.

We, in Bangalore have gotten so used to seeing old bookshops closing down and making way for restaurants and pubs. But Bookworm has the distinction so far of being the only bookshop which has opened a new branch on Church Street, in the place previously occupied by a bar and restaurant!  Summer holidays are the time when children in the city and their parents make their annual pilgrimage to Bookworm to stock up on summer reading.

So here are three main reasons why Bookworm gets our vote for a book paradise in Bangalore:
1. More for less – amazing value on new books and great deals on used books but best of all you get to trade-in the books you have bought from them.
2. Staff that doubles up as a real live human version of ‘If you like this you might also like…’ And they are good at it. Not only that, they will call up the publisher’s stockists and find out if something you want is available and get it for you.
3. Hidden Gems: Given time, you can browse through the assorted piles, no one hurries you or forces you to make a purchase. Just to feel the weight of the books, the texture of the paper, scan the images, smell the ink… many out of print books can be discovered on the shelves by simply looking around.

And if it is your lucky day you will suddenly come across this absolutely wonderful book that you never knew existed but now makes your life so much better.
Like this book of poetry and paintings of flowers to get lost in…



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