Bookish things to do in Bangalore -3

Cubbon Park


imageOn most days Cubbon Park in central Bangalore, all 200 acres of it, is a nice stretch of trees and shrubs amongst the grey and cement of the city. Although presently it is looking a little dry because of the hotter than usual summer, it still provides us with the much required lung space, sun dappled trees and a few scattered benches. Technically the High Court, State Legislature, the Press Council of Karnataka and the Central Library are all situated within it and people who work in those buildings have the great privilege of being able to come out during their breaks and rest their tired eyes on fifty shades of green.

But itimage is on weekends that the park really belongs to the rest of Bangalore and people land up in hordes to avail of ‘open space’ which is fast declining across the city. Joggers, dog walkers, yoga/ tai chi practitioners, deep breathers, picnickers and of course, readers, all head towards the park to spend time with the varieties of trees, One has to grab hold of either a bench or a tree, make oneself comfortable with the flask of tea, the bag of snacks and pull out the kindle or book of choice and intersperse the reading with gazing on the antics of others, After some time, it is quite likely that one will find the bench or tree being shared by one of the numerous stray dogs who hang around the park, looking for human company.



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