A Garden in Space

We love photos of flowers. Somehow the sight of pretty flowers growing in healthy abundance (in soil, not cut and put in vases!) provides a comfortable break to the stressed out wiring of the information overloaded brain. Which is also why we enjoy the blog derrickjknight.com (Ramblings), which we follow. Mr Knight often posts wonderful photos of his resplendent garden which he and his wife put so much work into. But despite the very beautiful floral embellishments that his garden rewards him with, and pictures of which he so generously shares on his blog, we were much more delighted this morning to see the photo of the sole zinnia which has flowered so magnificently on the International Space Station. Astronaut Scott Kelley has tweeted the photo of the first flower to bloom in Space! Yay! The possibilities are so much more exciting than even an abundant and visually pleasing garden on the planet.

PS: Apparently it’s tomatoes next. Well, in the next few years, that is.
LL: They are on their way to making a great salad. First it was the romaine lettuce and arugula, now the edible zinnias to be soon followed by the tomatoes. Life on the ISS seems on its way to becoming a gastronomic delight.
PS: They’ll be having Masterchef in Space soon. I wonder what they will do about the dressing though. That might have to come in tubes imported from Earth for some time yet.
LL: The cheese in the dressing might be difficult to manage without cows.
PS: But it’s so sci fi. Andy Weir in his book The Martian had the stranded astronaut, Mark Watney, growing potatoes on Mars and the ISS looks like it is determined to make that a reality.
LL: Somehow flowers seem so much more indulgent than potatoes.
PS: Which is why they are insisting on the edible nature of the zinnias. Considering the resources employed, it might have seemed a little extreme to say “we grew it because we wanted something pretty to look at”.
LL: Pretty and edible. What more could one want out of a plant!


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