Is E-ink Blotting Out Print?

Richard Quest interviewing business travellers on CNN always ends his interviews by asking his guests whether they prefer to read books on the ipad, phone, e-readers or whether they like ‘the crinkle on the page’. And invariably everyone says that they like the physical books and even sometimes take the trouble of carrying hardbacks with them on their travels.
But the Kindle is slowly but surely gaining ground even in our consciousness.

LL: Recently on a flight I achieved a ‘three in a row’ because while I was reading my Kindle and waiting for the flight to take off the other two passengers on the seats next to me also pulled their kindles.
PS: I am not surprised. I see people with their kindles on the Metro all the time. But still if you ask anyone they will say they prefer to hold and read an actual book.
LL: But the younger generation I think are being totally converted. It’s the convenience of having a gift card in one hand and a Kindle in the other.
PS: But it makes me wonder if the convenience is a little too convenient. After all buying and downloading a Harry Potter when both the soft copy and the book is available somewhere else around the house is fairly indulgent.
LL: Actually it is totally indulgent there is no beating around the bush about it. But what can one do if people continue to sponsor gift cards for 10 year olds.
PS: And you can never buy second hand Kindle books nor can you freely lend or borrow them from friends.
LL: We thought we had managed to beat the system when we tried lending our kindles to each other but somehow it doesn’t work as well as lending a book that we have already read and being in no hurry to have it returned.
PS: Studies have shown that plot absorption is much less for those reading on the kindle. Not that I have noticed that happening but I find that I don’t read non-fiction on the Kindle perhaps because instinctively I know that I need to understand it in a different way.

And so the debate continues…


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