Comfort Reading

People always talk about comfort food but when one is down, gloomy or just generally sick there are other things that provide comfort. Things like your favourite pair of socks preferably the ones with the hole near the toe, the sweat shirt that does not deserve to see the light of day, the warm dog or cat. But ultimately nothing provides the comfort that a well-read copy of your favourite book does- the familiar words, the story you already know, the smell or just something to hold on too while you fall asleep.

PS:  A book that you are well acquainted with allows you to fall asleep over it because there is no overwhelming desire to know what happens next. For me of course it’s usually Jane Austen’s Emma.

LL: For me it’s My Family and Other Animals, it’s it’s just so perfect, that’s it.

PS: I think that books that have description of scenery are nice to read when you are out of sorts. I love reading the LM Montgomery books too because of all the flowers and trees and breezes that are described in such detail.

LL:  And also something about the story which is not action packed something you can just slip in and out of. Another book that does that for me is A Year in Provence.

PS: Well there is some doubt whether that is comfort reading or comfort eating. There is so much food in that book. But in whatever way, it works.  I would definitely not want to be reading something like Game of Thrones when I am unwell.

LL: I remember reading The Order of the Pheonix when I was really sick and somehow the sadness of it all really put me off the rest of the Harry Potter series. So I guess the rule is that it should be something old and comfortable, at least for us.

We would be very interested in knowing what you read for comfort.





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