Rainy Woes

Whoever is doing the advance version of the rain dance in the city needs to stop now. We never thought we would ever say this but twenty days of non-stop rain in now beginning to get to us. We know that in other parts of the world these things are a norm but Bangalore is just not equipped for such weather. We have apparently broken the city’s record for rainfall in November which was held by the November of 1916!
LL: I have no more place to dry clothes. Every available inch of real estate is taken up by damp fabric.
PS: This kind of weather makes you wonder if it would make sense to invest in a tumble drier instead of using your iron or hair drier as an alternative.
LL: There are no roads left, everything has been washed away.
PS: You should experience Sarjapur Road which has swimming pools in the middle of it! The few roads that are there have rivers running through them and who knows how much of it is overflow from the drains. Even the dog has enough sense to refuse to step into that water.
LL: But the amazing thing is that the civic authorities are not in the least bit bothered.
PS: The BBMP has apparently declared that they have no more funds left for road repair this year.
LL: That of course absolves them of all responsibility. So we can continue to live with the moon craters, rivers of sewage and rotting garbage piles till their next budgetary allottment.
PS: In the meantime the corporators can escape the city and go off to enjoy themselves in resorts as they are wont to. The budget for that is probably inexhaustible. It’s amazing the kind of ride the general public is taken for these days!
LL: Yes literally, as the roads beat any roller coaster. We are lucky we are not being made to pay extra for the ‘joyride’.
PS: I wonder which would be the city’s favourite? The ‘Float-Away-Car’ or …
LL: The ‘Drain Dunk’ or perhaps the ‘Garbage Mountain Adventure’
PS: The most popular might just  be the ‘Space Jam Ride’ because everyone is so spaced out while sitting in traffic that doesn’t move.
Basically we are fed up. Even a Monday Morning tea has not been able to distract us from the collapsing Bangalore infrastructure. So much so that we couldn’t even discuss the books that we have read.We take back everything we said about rainy days being the perfect time to get lost in a book and a bhajji.


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