The Case of the Missing Monday

We searched for it under the bed, behind the computer, in the wardrobe, that perhaps it might have wandered off into a wintry land but there was no sign of it anywhere. Last Monday was not to be found. These days we all travel around the world and take it in our stride. It has become a natural part of our lives and jet lag, hours lost or gained, are all dealt with the way we deal with traffic, a necessary evil. In fact it is not even considered to be an evil to the same extent. So we rarely pay attention to what we are gaining or losing in the process.

LL: Until that is, I lost something as precious as an entire Monday!

PS: Losing a work day or a school day is sort of nice but if you go and start a blog posted on a particular day of the week…

LL: And that is the day you skip in travelling back, it is very, very noticeable. I took the flight back from the U.S on Sunday and arrived in India on Tuesday! Monday just vanished in between!

PS: It says something, I suppose, that the importance of Mondays in our minds is connected to Mostly Mondays.

LL: Makes me wonder how many days I have lost in all these years.

PS: And we would have still aged for all the lost days even though we didn’t actually live them. Being conned somewhere, do you think?

LL: Well, that’s just it. Unlike others who experience Monday blues, because of the blog and much to everyone’s irritation, we seem to look forward to Mondays.

Time, the most precious commodity in the universe. But like typical consumerists, we neither think of preserving it or of how much we are wasting in our daily living or travelling, until the investigation into and the discovery of the Monday lost over the Atlantic.


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