A Year of Blogging

On the 13th of October 2014, which was a Monday, we published our first post. A year down the line we are quite pleased with ourselves that we have managed to keep it up, despite the constraints on our time. Monday after Monday we have managed to meet and write something, much to our own surprise and not to mention the surprise of those who know us.  And it’s been fun. Litres of coffee and tea have been consumed in the process and countless biscotti’s and doughnuts eaten.

It has been interesting all around and one thing that we have learnt is that it’s mostly when we occasionally write about  what we like to eat that people join in the discussion. So although ours is primarily a blog about the reading experience we sometimes wonder if we should write more about food.

So here’s hoping that the next year of blog posts are also mostly on Mondays.


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