We never thought that we were cultists. All the people around who follow swamijis and gurus have always mystified us. Depending on our mood for the day we would either question their sanity, or, we would condescendingly think that some people were just born to be followers and poor things couldn’t help themselves. So sad. We always considered ourselves to be a little above such things.
Too late, the problem with becoming a follower is that even before you realise, you have not only become one but also an ardent one. Did those around us know this already? Was it obvious to all others except to ourselves? We certainly never considered that we had unwittingly found ‘religion’. And not just any old religion but one that is capable of invoking religious fervour and cause us to burst forth in righteous indignation upon hearing anything said against our faith.
How the mighty have fallen! Not only that, we also fell prey to clickbait! (new word, learnt last week)
All this happened when we read about an article by one Jonathan Jones, written on the Guardian site where he declares that Terry Pratchett is not a literary genius and wrote very ordinary prose. We were so outraged that we promptly went to the Guardian page (as was probably intended) and read the article. We also read through the first few pages of the thousand six hundred odd comments, all of which basically declared Mr. Jones to be an idiot.

LL: In this case I don’t know who is more idiotic, the newspaper (which we believed had some credibility) that stooped to printing this piece, the person who believes he can state that he has not read anything by an author but has the right to condemn him and everyone who likes his writing, or us who fell for the clickbait and read the piece and got all riled up.
PS: Well we learnt something about ourselves. We now know that we are capable of being so outraged by sheer stupidity. We have never come across a critic who criticises without having read something.
LL: It’s also outrageous to say something so idiotic about one of the best satirists of our age. Terry Pratchett did not merely write fantasy!
PS: No, he wrote a lot of philosophy. His books comment on human nature, life, Death, religion, morality, politics, society, international relations and inter racial relations. All in the guise of fantasy and overlaid with humour. It requires monumental obtuseness to think that books which provide so much thought and give such pleasure are not well written because they appeal to a large section of the public.
LL: Mr. Jones should have read one of the books before declaring them to be “ordinary pot boilers”.
PS: He doesn’t think it is literature but writers like A.S. Byatt who is considered a writer of literature (having won the Booker Prize for Possession and been shortlisted for the Children’s Book) said she couldn’t understand how Thief of Time ( the 26th Discworld book), was not nominated for the Booker.
LL: People who know literature know better and I don’t think this Jones man is any judge of what constitutes good writing
PS: Well we fell for the trick and probably helped in earning revenues for the Guardian. But Sir Terry’s books are religion for us, no matter what anyone says. Were he around, he would probably have included the concept of clickbait in his next book.

For obvious reasons, we are not giving a link to the objectionable article mentioned by us.


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