Non Ghostly Hauntings

Ever seen a shirt, a skirt, pair of trousers, pair of shoes, sari or kurta(tunic) which just called out to you but you did not buy it and since then you have been seeing it in your dreams; it will pop up in your thoughts while writing a blog, doing your work or working out your tax returns. In those long hours of the night when you wake up and can’t go back to sleep, the fabric or print on that item of clothing will haunt you. Somehow you know this wouldn’t have happened to you if you hadn’t decided to be good and only bought that shirt!
Then there is that cake you had from a particular bakery when you were fifteen years old and since then the bakery has closed down but every piece of cake that you ever have, you desperately want it to taste like the cake of so many years ago.
LL: There was that blue fountain pen that I didn’t buy and it was never available again, much to my regret. I still  remember it fondly; lying there in its case in the shop.
PS: I know, it’s as if those things were meant for us, our soul connected but we were too stingy to hear the call. Almost as if we denied ourselves a religious experience.
LL: I once had buttermilk in someone’s house, I didn’t know the people too well but it was really hot outside and it was the most glorious buttermilk I have ever had. I have never tasted anything of the sort since.
PS: It has happened to me with paintings. There was that painting of St. George and the dragon that I saw in someone’s house and it was so amazing. I can never get the expression on the dragon’s face out of my mind. I kept accepting tea invitations just so that I could see the painting once again.
LL: I am so upset that you could never think of a good enough excuse to get me invited and I never got to see it. But I have to keep hearing you go on and on about it. So in a sense we are both haunted by the dragon’s expression.
PS: Then there are the books which we love. In a sense every book that we read, we hope it will re-create the enjoyment of the favourite in that genre. We all hope that every fantasy novel will in a sense take us back to Lord of the Rings.
LL: More than the readers, it’s the fantasy writers and reviewers who are haunted by the Lord of the Rings as every book is either compared to it or pronounced as being very different from it.
PS: Perhaps future fantasy writers will be haunted by George RR Martin and his Game of Thrones.
LL: How about the times when we are fighting with someone and could have said something really bad but were too decent to have done so. And then one is haunted by the things that could have been said and you know for certain that the person deserved it.
PS: Well, the one thing that we are all haunted by these days is cell phones. Mine is ringing again, I had better see who it is now.


9 thoughts on “Non Ghostly Hauntings

  1. Places. Barring a few totally avoidable places, Almost everywhere I have gone is forever saying ‘come back’. For the green, for the breeze, for the sunset on the rock, for the yummiest hot choc which of course remains unparalleled forever and ever, and for so so many more things.

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  2. Experiences: I would say there are all sorts of experiences which one wants to relive again and again from enjoying the early morning sunrise to the whiff of smell of a certain place or time to maybe a little chat with your school friend and catching up on old time.

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