Monsoon – Madness and Meditations

El Nino notwithstanding, the monsoon seems to be here. We go through a breathless May every year with a constant “Will it/won’t it be normal? Will it arrive on time?” The Met department’s daily predictions are scrutinised and criticised and the stock market rises or falls depending upon what is being said.

Well, finally the monsoon has arrived; last week the rains pounded Bangalore, the drains overflowed, tree branches littered pavements and muck is everywhere. We are a little better off than Mumbai which is submerged, the Mithi River overflowing its bounds and high tides compounding the mayhem. We of course have our perennial garbage problem adding a certain volume and fragrance to the pools of collected rain water. And there are crocodiles in the potholes. On the flip side, the weather has cooled down and the ceiling fans have been switched off. Of course, most of the house is hidden under stacks of damp clothes which cannot be hung out to dry.

But do we care? No! Well….occasionally. The rest of the time we are thinking that ‘tis the season for consuming hot foods. Bhajjis with spicy chutney, Pakodas (love the onion and tomato ones), corn roasted over the fire, sprinkled with black pepper, salt and a dash of lemon juice. When you are sheltering under the eaves of a building, waiting for a sudden shower to subside and the peanut cart man magically appears (as they are wont to do), the hot, fresh smell of sand roasted peanuts in paper cones is as near perfect as it can get. Or, if the rain is too strong and you are lucky enough to be near a sweet shop, it is best to make a dash for it and sit the rain out with hot samosas and a cup of chai (or coffee, depending on your poison. But we feel tea goes best with rainy weather).

LL: It’s also perfect weather to curl up with a book. Looking up once in a while to gaze out at the rain. The cool breeze is so lovely after the heat of summer.

PS: I’ve been reading The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. It is pretty dark and rainy (at least so far) and matches the weather outside quite well.

LL: In the middle of the pounding rain, thunder, lightning and wind, it’s nice to surround yourself with a little space of quiet – A good book and a hot cup of tea.

PS: Actually, any time is perfect for that. This feels like déjà vu. Haven’t we said this before?

LL: We are that kind of people. We like what we like. And we don’t change with the weather.


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