Size does matter

The most sought after real estate in our houses is the space occupied by bookshelves and the books without shelves. There are constant fights about space, who gets how much and whose books occupy the most. There are books oozing out of nooks and crannies and yet when we walk into a bookshop or find see something online… We are beginning to wonder if there is a bookaholics anonymous and if we could sign up.

On really bad days the kindle looks like a good option, not just because of the quantity of books that need to be housed and dusted, but the size and weight of it in our hands.

Conversation with an old friend (OF) recently

OF: What’s with the size of books recently? I like to lie down and read and these books are just too big. They don’t seem to come in those nice convenient sizes as earlier .

US: That’s just it, mass market paperbacks are just not printed anymore. It’s all either hardback or the large paperbacks.

OF: It has to be an American conspiracy!

Then last week while visiting one of our favourite bookshops in the centre of Bangalore the topic of size came up again:

Conversation with Bookseller (BkSlr)  

PS: Have you got the latest Ian McEwan book in normal paperback?

BkSlr: Not yet, but take the hardback. I will give it to you for the same price.

PS: I am not worried about the price, I am more worried about my shoulders and wrists and fingers…

Blank look from BkSlr


LL: I guess one thing the Kindle has definitely got right is the size. Especially when you are reading tomes like The Kingkiller Chronicles or The Stormlight Archive series.

PS: Not to mention Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries. But I felt that was too big to read on the kindle and I would have gotten lost somewhere so I waited for the smaller paperback to come out.

LL: The problem with waiting is that many times we lose track of the book as it is no longer in the news.

PS: But for people who carry books around it becomes so difficult to carry such massive things in their bags.

LL: It’s not just about the massive books but also the regular size novels which are printed in large formats. It is ultimately a pain either having to carry them or store them.

PS: Perhaps OF is right, it is a conspiracy. Publishers watch out! You are seriously upsetting readers.

(Mostly Mondays will be taking a break due to constraints imposed by the summer vacations and vacation travel. We will most likely be away for a month.)


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